If you’re a law firm, you’ll likely expect your marketing strategy to be far different from that of a technology company. While the specifics of your tactics may vary, in many cases, the fundamentals of your marketing approach are intrinsically intertwined.


Law Firm Marketing & Technology Marketing Aren’t the Exact Same

For starters, let’s make this clear – they certainly aren’t identical. There are still many components of each strategy that are incredibly specialised and unique to their industry.

Any given law firm or tech company’s marketing strategy will be strongly dictated by their distinct business context and characteristics. For instance, their target audience may vary drastically, which, of course, would be reflected in their marketing efforts. Furthermore, whether they’re engaging in business to business marketing or business to consumer marketing will also play a role in the strategies they apply.

This is important to consider, as even though you can mirror certain approaches that have proven to be effective for other companies, there’s no guarantee they will work for you. Thus, before investing time, money and resources into a certain approach, it’s highly suggested that you fully assess just how applicable such strategy is likely to be in your business’ context.

However, there are undeniably areas where there is a clear overlap in the tactics companies apply.


But why is this the case?

There are various areas where law firm marketing and technology marketing cross paths and, retrospectively, various reasons why this is the case. Some companies may have a remarkably similar target audience, or goals that are relatively alike. This can, in some cases, harbour the use of similar strategies.

As we continue to discuss marketing for such legal establishments and technology companies, more of these reasons will come to light.


Similar Law Firm Marketing & Technology Marketing Strategies

In some cases, certain approaches will work for both those in the legal sector and the technology sector.


  1. Blogging for Law Firm Marketing & Technology Marketing

If you’re in the legal or technology sector, blogging can be an incredibly effective way to display your expertise, all the while informing prospects on the technicalities on your offering or service.


Informing Potential Customers/Clients

In both law firm marketing and technology marketing, providing relevant information to your potential customers or clients is crucial. This is because, often, individuals don’t have extensive prior knowledge regarding the technicalities of your offering.

Both areas can be highly specialised, so informing individuals of what you do and how you can of assistance to them is crucial in converting leads. For example, someone without a law degree will likely have little understanding of what exactly they’re in store for if they pursue a case with your firm. Similarly, before committing to a new technology, individuals may want to have some background knowledge of how it works and why it will benefit them.

Of course, the information you provide doesn’t need to get readers to the same level of understanding as professionals in your field. It’s more so about giving them the peace of mind that comes with an enhanced understanding of the offering they’re committing to.


Displaying Your Industry Expertise


In addition to the above, blogging can be a great way for your industry professionals to display their expertise.

This can be incredibly reassuring for prospects, who get the idea that you’re up-to-date on the latest in your sector and really have a deep understanding of what you’re talking about.

If an individual comes across a piece of writing on your site that showcases your specialist knowledge, they may be far more inclined to actually trust you have what it takes to help them.

In the legal sector, if prospects don’t trust your expertise, they’ll simply find another firm who they feel will meet their needs more adequately. Similarly, in the technology sector certain offerings or services can be incredibly complex. If there’s any doubt in an individual’s mind that your offering isn’t of a particular standard, they’ll likely look elsewhere.

Thus, in both industries, establishing your expertise and presence as a leading product or service provider is paramount.


  1. Public Relations in Technology Marketing & Law Firm Marketing

Any law firm digital marketing or technology marketing agency knows the importance of establishing a positive reputation in the market. In both the tech and legal sectors this is absolutely crucial.

Your establishment or company needs to show your commitment not only to delivering a reliable product or service, but also to the greater community.

For more information on business to business marketing, technology marketing or law firm marketing – speak to a law firm digital marketing or technology marketing agency today.