Social media, in particular Facebook, has become over populated and quite frankly messy, when it comes to marketing. It is no secret that Facebook’s organic reach is on the decline due to two main reasons: more content is being generated and published than there is news feed space for it to show and secondly, Facebook only presents the most relevant content to each individual user, therefore in order to cut through the ‘junk’, your content needs to be of relevance to your target audience. 

Take a look at our following tips that can be applied to your facebook marketing strategy in the midst to increase your organic traffic on Facebook. 


Build your audience

In order to cut through the mess of Facebook, the easiest and safest way to ensure that you are reaching your target audience is to build your own organic audience. To ensure that your audience is genuine, constantly deliver your brand message through your content and develop / use the correct brand tone and imagery that resonates with this. Go through your content and ‘Invite’ any users to like your page if they have yet done so. 


Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content ensures that there is no restricted lifespan of your content, as it can continue to be relevant long after it was originally published. By ensuring that your content is evergreen, it helps your brand to stay timely which as a result, allows for your engagement levels to constantly increase over time as there will also be someone who will stumble across it and hopefully appreciate it. 


Contests / Giveaways 

A relatively easy and quick way to increase your organic reach on Facebook is to run a content or giveaway for your followers. The only issue that comes with this option is that you may receive followers who are not relevant to your target market. The best way to avoid this issue is to choose a prize that would only be of interest to your target market as it will weed out those who would not be interested in receiving that prize and therefore would not fit within your desired audience. 



Hashtags often get a bad wrap but they are an element that shouldn’t be avoided. If you follow the practice of hashtagging in the correct way, which means do not spam your post with hashtag. For starters, only use a maximum of two – three hashtags, no more as it can cause your post to be irrelevant and the hashtags will do more damage to your post than it will without the hashtags. The best advice that we can give is to create a branded hashtag that only relates to your business and use this on every post. It creates an easy destination for people to view your content. 


Brand Advocacy Programs 

Brand advocate programs are a great way to organically grow your Facebook audience, whilst at the same time, grow your clientele / consumers. Brand advocates essentially advocate and promote your brand and in most cases they do it for free (or for small gifts that the company sends them as a sign of thanks). It is a great way to increase your audience in a natural way as often the new audience that is generated through this method have the potential to be actual customers as they have similar interests to the person advocating the brand (as often they are friends). 


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